Breaking Down Barriers Presented by Accents

In response to the inherent challenges of today's multi-cultural workforce, Speech Potential Associates, LLC (SPA) works toward breaking down communication barriers by promoting optimum communication skills and accent reduction. Employees, their colleagues, and their employers are often frustrated by inaccurately conveyed information, both spoken and written. Through our Accent Modification Training, we work towards reducing deviations apparent in spoken and written language, minimizing what is perceived as accented English.

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Training for Better Speech and Written Skills

Participants in Accent Modification Training learn to overcome communication barriers by reducing their accents and increasing intelligibility. Deviations in written communication are equally apparent and require specific training to facilitate appropriate and effective writing. While written communication has always been incorporated into Accent Modification Training, due to the increased demand and volume of editing requests, SPA is now offering a distance training program addressing written communication as a separate training module.

Writing programs are designed to meet the specific needs of company employees and are offered on a contractual basis. Effective English Writing for Foreign Professionals focuses on editing of documents, presentations, emails, and correspondence for foreign speakers of English who work in professional settings.