Achieve Better Command of the English Language

Speech Potential Associates, LLC (SPA) provides on-site individual and group assessments, training and consultation, as well as workshops and seminars to meet the specific needs of clients. Multi-formatted programs are available on an individual annual and semi-annual contract basis. At SPA, we look forward to helping your company reach its potential through improved written and spoken communication.

Business Woman

What Is In Store for You

• To Overcome Communication Barriers created by Accented Speech
• To Increase Intelligibility and Decrease misunderstood messages
• To Improve Spoken English to Meet Business, Professional, and Social Needs
• To Develop Better Delivery and Communication Style in Presentations, Meetings, Interviews, and Telephone Conversations
• To Develop Better Pronunciation, Intonation, Rhythm, Spoken Grammar, Vocabulary, and Idiomatic Speech

• To Improve Writing Skills for Foreign Born Professionals

• Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Testing of All Aspects of Accented Speech and Written Communication
• Error Patterns are Determined and Organized into a Prioritized Sequence for Instruction

Program Plan:
• A Customized Program is Developed for each Client
• Workbooks and Tapes are Used for Instruction and Practice With Assignments Given as Daily Practice
• Course Content Targets Specific Pronunciation Features that Require Modification as Determined by Initial Testing
• American English Consonant and Vowel Sounds, Intonation, Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms are Taught
• Writing Guidelines are Provided
• Specific Communication Needs are Addressed

Scheduling, Location, and Fees:
• Training and Consultations are offered  on a contractual basis
• Training is On-Site or Via Skype
• Fees Vary According to Number of Clients Enrolled in Individual or Group Instruction and Site of Training